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ABOUT GurmEko s.r.o. Prague



Who we are

GurmEko s.r.o., is a Czech private manufacturing and trading company established in 1991. The original company name "Eco" in 1997 was accompanied by the epithet lover of good food "Gourmet" and this not only led to the combined name GurmEko but also the company's registered trademark.



Can you be our customer?

If you need spices for your work, you can be our customer!

If you are a pub, restaurant, wine bar, pizzeria, motel, fast food provider, cafeteria, school canteen, hospital catering operation or catering company, then you can be our customer.

If you are a wholesaler providing catering services, then you can be our customer.

If you are a manufacturer of delicacies, frozen ready-made meals, a pasta maker, bakery, processor of goat or sheep cheese, tea maker, meat producer or butcher who regularly needs spices, then you can be our customer.

If you sell spices - a small shop or a reputable spice shop, then you can be our customer.

And even if you are manufacturer of food for dogs and cats, a horse breeder, breeders of exotic animals, flowers, cosmetics or decorations manufacturer, you can also be our customer.



What we do

All basic types including exotic spices, spice mixtures basic offer consists of 120 species, extended offer individualized formulation of individual customers. We offer food products in dry and liquid form. A broad and constantly expanding offer of conveniences. There is also a selection of garlic pastes, a continually expanding selection of prepared marinades and a unique selection of dried mushrooms. We also offer a range of products for the food industry. You can count on us.



Where to find us:


Czech Republic







190 00 PRAHA 9

Telefon: +420 283 880 066



Telefon: +421 220 250 290



Telefon: +36 30-727 5299