GurmEko s.r.o., Praha - Svět chutí pro profesionály



"We are a respected and highly specialized company in the Czech and Slovak markets with a very specialized range of spices, spice mixes and dietary supplements for professionals who use this range further. We can deliver any products to them according to their specific wishes with high quality at a bargain price. We are able to advise our customers and deliver solutions to improve their products and services. All work practices adhere to the quality and food safety standards (HACCP) in order to achieve the highest possible safety, hygiene and quality standards for our customers. We cooperate, help each other and do everything with a smile and maximum effort."

As a food company, we are aware of our role in the food chain and the importance of communication with our suppliers and customers. Our quality and food safety policy contributes to the fact that risks relevant to food safety and quality are identified and adequately controlled at every link in the food chain.



The system of food quality and safety at GurmEko s.r.o. is primarily built in accordance with the requirements of food legislation of the European Union, in accordance with national legislation and in the structure as described in European Standard EN ISO 22000:2005. This procedure should ensure system compatibility with other food safety standards (IFS, BRC), but also with quality management systems according to EN ISO 9002:2001.



In practice, this means that all company employees must be aware of their responsibility for specific work activity, with its associated risk to food safety and quality, the method of their identification and process control options. The task of management is to manage and check the system, to take recommendations and based on identified discrepancies initiate effective corrective actions.

A HACCP certification

GurmEko s.r.o. is for its customers a unique guarantee of the highest quality. All products are manufactured and packaged in accordance with the plan of critical control points (HACCP) principles and practices to which we are subject to international standards of quality control and food safety. For many years we have held a certified food safety system (HACCP) certificate and BIO. Our certification bodies are TÜV SÜD CZECH and AB CERT.